Dear Parents,

Way to go CAPS!

Great way to end the school year.

Enjoy your summer. Please be mindful of the IXL and other assignments over the summer. They have all been sent home from the teachers and will be available on the school website next week.  It has become increasingly apparent that the best way to prepare for the next school year is to do a little bit each day to reinforce old skills and get exposed to new skills. While we STRONGLY encourage limiting screen time, we would recommend 10-20 minutes a day of review reinforcement. Taking the summer off and then trying to relearn everything the two weeks before we come back and (and doing hours of IXL daily at that point) is much less effective. Give them a week off here and there, particularly during big family vacations, but try to get a routine going of regular, short, practice every day.

We look forward to seeing you back at the end of the summer. Hopefully we'll be chasing a Nationals World Series at that point.

Chris Kelly