2023 Summer IXL & Reading Lists: 

Summer Reading:
Summer vacation is a great time for kids to read. Studies have shown that reading over the summer helps students retain reading and learning skills during the long break from school.

Below are some tips for encouraging reading from the American Library Association. Just remember to let your children choose books that interest them and to set aside time for reading each day.  Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to read!

  • Encourage your child’s reading
  • Start sharing books when your child is born, and don’t forget to keep reading with children into their teen years.
  • Make a time and a place for reading in your home and encourage talking about reading in your family.
  • Take advantage of "waiting” time to share books: on trips, at the doctor’s office, in line at the grocery store.
  • Set a good example – read on your own.
  • Allow your child to select books to read and be aware of your child’s reading interests.
  • Give books as presents.
  • Get to know the children’s librarian at your local public library.
  • Register your child for a library card. Get the one free card that brings you a world of opportunity – no matter what your age.
  • When preparing for family road trips, stock up on audio books from your library. Let your children choose some stories to listen to in the car. Have family members share favorite ghost stories and/or adventure stories around the campfire at picnics and on camping trips.