The health room is staffed by three part-time nurses, Anna Meenan, Debbie Ryan, and Jenny Williams. To reach the Health Room, please email or call 202.449.4613.

Required Medical Forms:

For the 2021-2022 school year: All students attending school in the District of Columbia must comply with DC Health requirements regardless of students' state of residence. The DC Health Forms, Signed Acknowledgment Form, Emergency Form, and HPV Form (if applicable) are due August 16, 2021.

  1. Every student requires an ANNUAL physical. The District of Columbia Health Certificate should be completed and signed by a physician or advance practice nurse. This means that your child must have a physical every year within 365 days of the last one and must be current prior to the first day of class.
  2. Every student must have a current immunization record, a current physical, an Oral Health Assessment Form and an updated Emergency Form on file. Students who are not adequately vaccinated will not be allowed to come to school.
  3. All students attending school in the District of Columbia must comply with DC health requirements regardless of student’s state of residence.
  4. We suggest that you take the proper forms with you to your child's appointment no matter when the appointment is during the year.
  5. A three dose vaccine for Human Papilloma virus (HPV)  is now required by DC law for any female student 11 yrs and older. *DC law allows a parent/guardian to ‘Opt-Out’ of this vaccine by signing a form approved by the Dept of HealthHealth Room

Medication Requirements:

If your child is to take medication at school, have your doctor complete the appropriate Archdiocese Medication Authorization Form which can be downloaded from the Blessed Sacrament School website under Campus Life-Health Room section. EpiPen users please note: in addition to the EpiPen authorization form, an Allergy Action Plan is required.

Health Forms

Medication Forms

Health Room Reminders:

  1. Related to COVID-19:  

Students who are sick or who have recently had close contact (less than 6 feet for fifteen minutes or more) with a person with COVID-19 should stay home. Students should stay home if they have tested positive for or are showing COVID-19 symptoms.

Students who travel to a high-risk area as defined by the DC DOH should quarantine at home for 14 days according to DC guidelines.

If a child is sent home sick or is at home sick with any COVID related symptoms, this form must be completed by his or her health care provider prior to returning to school.  Students will not be allowed to return without a completed form.  Contact your child’s health care provider upon dismissal of the student; they may advise using tele-health or an in-office visit.

  1. A child must be fever free (without taking Tylenol, Advil or other fever reducing medications) for 24 hours before returning to school and be cleared by a healthcare provider
  2. Children who have vomiting or diarrhea must be cleared by the healthcare provider before returning to school.
  3. Continue to encourage good handwashing practices at home and school.
  4. Hospitalization/ER visit:  When a student is hospitalized or is seen in the ER and returns to school requiring additional support at school this information (report, physician orders/plans, medications, etc) should be communicated directly to the nurse on duty for the day via email at

For information about COVID-19, please click here.