Blessed Sacrament, like all parochial schools, depends on the support of its population to advance the vision of the school.  The tradition of generosity is a byword of the Blessed Sacrament community, and is fundamental to our success.  There are many ways that parents, grandparents, alumni and friends can take an active role in fostering the school's mission and assisting the administration in ensuring the best possble educational environment for students and faculty at our school.  We invite members of our community to review our Giving Menu (below) to determine in which way they wish to offer financial support. 

Annual Fund

The bedrock fund for supporting Blessed Sacrament School.  Formerly called GAP, this fund which must be replenished each year, provides essential unrestricted dollars for the operating budget that enhance the educational programs at BSS. Contributions to the annual fund help provide the necessary dollars to pay our exceptional faculty, enhance the use of technology, and maintain our facility, which cannot be maintained through tuition alone. We strive for 100% participation in this fund by parents, teachers, grandparents, alumni and everyone who is interested in us.  This fund is for donors who want their dollars to work for the school today.

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Msgr Smyth Endowment Fund

The school's endowment fund.  A school's endowment fund is a vital sign of growth and advancement.  The endowment, as it grows, can give funding to the school.  This fund is for donors who want to help Blessed Sacrament move into the future, but retain its 90 year tradition of academic excellence combined with faith formation.

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