The kindergarten through 5th grade C.A.R.E. Theme: Courtesy, Acceptance, and Respect for Everyone.

The middle school C.A.R.E. Theme: Courtesy,  Altruism, Responsibility, and Excellence.

C.A.R.E. is an acronym used as our community symbol which strives to reinforce our mission on a daily basis. This school-wide focus is celebrated in our liturgies and everyday classroom environment.

Rationale for the CARE Covenant:
Blessed Sacrament School strives to create a nurturing setting for learning and to encourage relationships that are supportive and inspire confidence. All members of the Blessed Sacrament School community, including teachers, priests, administrators, staff, students, and parents/guardians, desire to do their part to ensure that all members of the Blessed Sacrament School community are treated with CARE. Our goal is to create an environment in which all community members exemplify the call to model love for one another as Jesus did.

By choosing to become a member of the Blessed Sacrament School community, each of us covenants and agrees that we will make a conscious effort always to treat one another kindly, charitably, civilly, and thoughtfully. All members of the Blessed Sacrament School community are expected to abide at all times by this covenant. Members of our school community who use actions or words that are demeaning, disrespectful, intimidating, malicious, exclusionary, or bullying are behaving in violation of this covenant.

Our Community Commitment:

  • The Blessed Sacrament School faculty and staff will devote time and attention throughout the school  year to encourage behavior that is consistent with our CARE theme and to identify and eliminate behaviors that are harmful to our Christian environment.
  • All members of the Blessed Sacrament School community must act as role models for each other, demonstrating in all their interactions the values of courtesy, acceptance and respect.
  • All members of the Blessed Sacrament School community are encouraged to intervene when bullying or other unacceptable behaviors are observed.
  • Incidents of bullying and unacceptable behavior should be reported as soon as possible to a teacher, administration or the pastor. Reports will be taken seriously and will be treated confidentially.

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