Greetings and welcome to Blessed Sacrament School!

We are so pleased to have your family be a part of  our school community.  The Blessed Sacrament Home and School Association is an organization of parents at BSS and is led by an Executive Committee that includes HSA officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer), a faculty member, Principal Chris Kelly, and Pastor Father Gary). 


The HSA’s primary responsibility is to organize events and activities which help raise the funds necessary to support BSS in providing our children with a quality Catholic education. In recent years, as a result of these fundraising efforts, the HSA has been able to provide money in support of academic programs, contribute to BSS scholarships, and enhance the physical plant at BSS through improvements to our auditorium and school grounds.

This school year our goals are three-fold:  first, we on the HSA want to help each family find a way to share their time and talents with the school.  Our fundraising events and activities simply would not be possible without the help of our many generous parent volunteers. Secondly, the HSA is working with the School to identify those academic areas which would benefit most from HSA funding, whether in terms of resource support or enrichment for students who are excelling past the curriculum. Finally, this year the HSA will focus on the CARE (Courtesy and Respect for Everyone) Program and work with the school to find ways to enhance that program so that everyone in our community feels welcomed and appreciated at BSS.

As always, the HSA works to enhance communication between our BSS families and the School administration and so we encourage you to share with us your ideas on how the HSA can best serve our community. 


If you are interested in volunteering, have questions about a specific event, or would like to give us feedback, please email the HSA at  We are happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to hearing from you.


Home & School Association
Executive Committee 2023-2024

Position Name Email


Jenna Harar

Vice President

Erin Sowanick


Samantha Burman


Elizabeth Kramer Dugan


Fr. Gary Studniewski


Chris Kelly

Vice Principal

Allison Cogswell

Faculty Rep.

Trish Blomquist

Room Parent Coordinator

Meredith Mason

Director of Development

Heather Kearns